1. Only registered vouchers with authentication numbers will be valid for processing booking requests.
2. The vouchers will not be revalidated or extended in case you fail to register / activate the same within 15days of its receipt or on or before the last date of registration mentioned overleaf on the printed vouchers, mobile or e-vouchers.
3. Post registration Salon Rewardz is good to book any treatment at a location and date convenient to you.
4. You will receive the salon voucher within 7 working days via courier. Our customer support team would call you for verification and address details.
5. Please Note that each Salon has different timing and holidays. We have taken the same into consideration so would issue a voucher of the salon to be used within 15 days of selecting your preferred date.
6. Salon Voucher once issued cannot be changed/ amended.
7. RewardPort and our corporate alliance are not responsible for mistreatment, or for the kind of service rendered by any salon.
8. Any kind of discrepancy should be settled by the salon itself.
9. Salon voucher entitles the customer for any one of the treatments - Manicure, Pedicure, Foot massage, Head massage, Haircut depending on the availability.
10. Voucher redemption is for single usage only.
11. The voucher cannot be exchanged, changed or amended with its service offering.
12. Any dispute subjected to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
13. You have to carry the salon voucher along with you to avail the beauty service.
14. Offer not exchangeable for cash.
15. This offer is valid in specific cities and towns.
17. Vouchers will be applicable only between the timings given to you on sms/mail/call and cannot be changed under any circumstances.
18. Corporate and RewardPort shall not be liable in any way for loss, damage or delay caused by any event or circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The following events may be considered as examples of Force Majeure Events under these terms and conditions: Explosion and fire, Flood, earthquake, storm, or other natural calamity or act of God, Strike or other labor dispute, War, insurrection or riot, Acts of or failure to act by any governmental authority, Changes in law, Failures of telecommunications and other infrastructural utilities.be chosen by our Customer Support team based on the availability at the salon.